WiFi Marketing

A clever little way to market your business, and attract repeat customers

Give your customers free WiFi and unlock powerful insights in the process. Find out who is using your business, how often, and why. 

What is WiFi marketing?

Give your customers free WiFi through a captive portal, and capture valuable data in the process

Have you ever visited an airport, cafe, or even travelled on a train and had to login to use the free WiFi using your email address? This is called Captive Portal marketing, and it’s a clever little way to capture vital data on your customers and find out who is visiting your premises, when, and why. 

At Chalkboard, we are one of Scotland’s only dedicated WiFi marketing companies who specialise in installing captive portals within cafes, hotels, bars, and clubs across Scotland. With our WiFi marketing solution, you can capture vital data about your customers and automatically send them periodic promotional emails and SMS messages, allowing you to build strong customer loyalty, faster.

Why Chalkboard?

The unbeatable perks of working with Chalkboard Agency

Over 5+ years of experience

Employing the latest marketing psychology research

Unlock powerful customer insights

Unique, on-brand captive portal designs

What you can expect

Find out who is using your business, how often, and why

Chalkboard’s WiFi marketing service is a clever little way for cafes, bars, and hotels to unlock powerful insights into the behaviour of their customers, and send laser-focused email and SMS marketing messages to the right people at the right time.

We’ll install the necessary equipment to create your WiFi network and create your captive portal. You’ll then have access to an insights dashboard where you can see, in real time, who is using your business, how often, and why.

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