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With over 2.9 billion users every month, advertising on Facebook offers businesses of all shapes and sizes a chance to speak directly to their target customers. However, without the proper technical experience, it can be difficult to see adequate returns on your advertising spend. At Chalkboard, we create highly targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns to help businesses generate more sales, enquiries, and bookings. Our team will work with you to refine your target audience, identify untapped niches, plan advertising campaigns, create squeeze pages, and make sense of the data Facebook returns.


Campaign Strategy Formulation
A/B Split Testing
Squeeze Page Development
Audience Segmentation & Niche Identification
Graphic & Video Advertisement Creation
Data Analytics & Tracking

We are Chalkboard, a digital agency with a proven track record of getting results for businesses like yours

In a noisy world, we help brands make their mark online. We are Chalkboard, a web development and digital marketing agency based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Since 2020, we’ve worked on over 20 projects and supported businesses from across the UK to increase their exposure, capture better quality leads, and increase the value of their customer base.

We pride ourselves on being the digital backbone for businesses from a wide array of sectors, and we’re committed to putting our heart and soul into every project we work on.

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