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Improve your website’s ranking on Google search results. Chalkboard has a track record of attracting more customers to our clients’ websites without the need to pay for ads. 

Is SEO still relevant?

Attract a predictable stream of leads, orders, or enquiries

Since 2020, Chalkboard has supported businesses in both Scotland and England to climb the results on major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. 80% of people surveyed ignore paid search results, and 51% of the average website’s traffic will come through organic searches. Most strikingly, 93% of all online experiences start with an online search.

Therefore, it’s never been so important to take your business’s position in search results seriously. At Chalkboard, we specialise in devising innovative solutions to meet the challenges presented by a complex digital landscape. Our team have experience in helping businesses from an array of sectors climb the results pages faster – without taking shortcuts. 

Why Chalkboard?

The unbeatable perks of working with Chalkboard Agency

Over 5+ years of experience

Employing the latest marketing psychology research

Reach your target audience quickly, efficiently, and predictably

Completely bespoke email design and funnels

What you can expect

Rank your business higher in Google search results

If you’re tired of switching from agency to agency with nothing to show for it other than false promises and substandard performance, working with Chalkboard could be the perfect opportunity to put the spring back in your business’s step.

Our unique SEO formula has a track record of delivering real, tangible results for businesses across the UK, and our results-focused attitude ensures that we look beyond ranking, instead focusing on increasing your bottom line through organic search engine optimisation.

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If you’re tired of switching from agency to agency with nothing to show for it, a move to Chalkboard is the perfect opportunity for you. Click on the button below to arrange your free consultation.