Join Our Quality Testing Team

Get Up To £50 In Amazon Vouchers For Testing our Websites

We want real people to review the websites we build for our clients and give us their honest feedback before they go live, and we reward everyone who participates in our experiments with Amazon vouchers. 

We’ll be asking you to look out for bugs, problems, and what works well with the website. Additionally, we’ll be using powerful eye tracking software, heatmaps, and behavioural analysis tools to help us identify how our clients’ websites are being used.  

Your feedback will help us refine our client’s websites before we launch them to the public. 

How It Works

The Process

We’re looking for people with an eye for detail who can look through our websites and candidly give us feedback on the websites we create for our clients before we publish them on the internet. It takes less than 10 seconds to sign up, and it’ll take a maximum of 15 minutes to review each of our client’s websites. You can review as many websites as you want.

1) Sign Up
Sign up and provide us with some information on your demographics. We'll use this information to help match you with websites which we think you'd best be suited to reviewing.
2) Matching
When we're ready to launch a new website, we'll notify you and ask you to test it before it gets launched for the general public. We'll give you a brief and ask you to impersonate someone (such as a customer looking to buy some food), and we'll try and match you with websites which we believe you'd be interested in.
3) We'll Watch You Test Our Website
We'll then record your screen as you navigate around the website and monitor how easily you can find key elements of the website. This process is discreet and runs in the background, meaning you don't need to download any additional software. Don't worry, your data is secured and encrypted.
4) Survey Feedback
We'll ask you to complete a short survey on your experience using the website. We encourage you to be honest feedback on your experience, identify any problems you experienced, and then answer a few simple questions on your experience with the website. We'll then present your feedback to our clients and make adjustments to the website.
5) Get Your Reward
We'll then send you your Amazon Voucher after you've truthfully and honestly completed a review of one of our new websites. You can review as many websites as you wish. We deposit Amazon checks of up to £30 at a time.

Get Started!

Limited to the first 10 people to sign up. The platform will fully launch this week.

If you have any questions or problems please email

Sorry! We're not taking on any more testers just now. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the scheme becomes active again.