Privacy Policy

Last updated 03/09/2022

Chalkboard (registered company name A Wild Haggis Ltd) respects your privacy. 

When visiting our site, communicating with us, or working with us, we will gather, store and use information about you to improve our website’s performance, manage our operations, and conduct marketing operations. We retain this information for as long as it is reasonably necessary. 

We don’t sell your data to third parties, however from time to time, we may use your data in third-party applications to help manage our operations and marketing campaigns.

Automatic data capture

When using our website, we automatically capture information about your computer and network connection. This information may contain details including your domain name, IP address, operating system, browser, screen size, and other identifiable information. We use this information to understand how you use our website and make adjustments to improve your experience on our website. Retaining this information also contributes to our security, and helps us to identify threats and attackers.

Voluntary data capture

We gather and store information that our clients voluntarily give to us in an encrypted partition. When working with clients, we need to understand their customers, business processes, and marketing objectives to get the best results from our services. This information is given voluntarily and you reserve the right to disclose and withhold information when working with us.

Legal obligations

We are required by law to give law enforcement and regulatory authorities information relating to you in the event of a legal request being made. We are obliged to report possible money laundering, fraudulent activity, and other suspicious activity to the relevant law enforcement department.

Other data capture

For the purposes of fraud prevention, security, and monitoring contractual obligations with our clients, Chalkboard Agency may record telephone calls, emails, in-person meetings, SMS messages, and messages sent through third-party apps (such as WhatsApp). These recordings may be used as evidence in either civil or criminal legal cases if required. By working with or communicating with Chalkboard, you explicitly give us permission to record your communications with us, within the constraints imposed by GDPR. 

Legal rights

You may be entitled to certain rights under the GDPR legislation. These include:

Contacting us

Please contact if you have any queries related to our privacy policy.