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Teaching an old dog new tricks

Unlock the power of email and SMS marketing with Chalkboard’s automated marketing funnels. Communicate with the right people, at the right time.

Does email marketing still work?

Attract new customers and increase the LTV of your existing clients with our automated email funnels

Despite being one of the oldest digital marketing mediums available, email and SMS marketing remains an incredibly useful means to reach your target audience and increase their lifetime value. And when you work with Chalkboard, your email campaigns will be taken to an entirely new level. 

Chalkboard specialises in designing automated email workflows, or sales funnels. We’ll map out your buyer’s journey, and through our work with data, we’ll ensure your campaigns are reaching the right people at the right time. From eCommerce LTV-(life-time value) focused emails to workflows that sit behind a landing page, our skills are a great match for your business. Get a free proposal today. 

Why Chalkboard?

The unbeatable perks of working with Chalkboard Agency

Over 5+ years of experience

Employing the latest marketing psychology research

Automate your email and SMS marketing

Completely bespoke email design and funnels

What you can expect

Grow faster and build customer loyalty with our email marketing campaigns

Send the right message at the right time to the right people with Chalkboard’s email marketing plan. 

We specialise in building bespoke email and SMS marketing funnels that pack a punch. Our automated email funnels are the perfect solution to complement ad campaigns and eCommerce stores. We specialise in the following:

Reach the stars with Chalkboard Agency

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