The Power Within Training

Creating a sales funnel for one of the UK’s best-known sales and leadership training providers.

Project Overview

The Power Within Training & Development is one of the UK’s leading training and development firms with offices in both Glasgow and London. In 2021, they asked us to take over their email marketing campaigns and build a bespoke sales funnel that would convert website visitors into paying customers.
Screenshot 2022-06-24 10.50.52
Video Content
Studies have shown that landing pages containing an engaging video can convert up to 30% more than websites without video content.
Screenshot 2022-06-24 10.51.30
Building Credibility
We included the logos of clients that The Power Within has previously worked with and included an introduction from motivational speaker James Fleming to build credibility in the offering.
Screenshot 2022-06-24 11.02.56
Lead Generation Form
Our lead generation form aims to capture the contact details and valuable information (such as the income range, occupation, and location) of the website's visitors.

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