The Photo Frame Factory

Building an eCommerce store with over 20,000 products for one of the UK’s leading photo frame manufacturers


About this project

The Photo Frame Factory are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of picture frames. We were subcontracted by Nada Marketing Solutions to build a bespoke eCommerce website. The finished website features an account section, a cart section, product pages, and a search function, and finally, the website supports over 20,000 products on our high-powered servers.


Project deliverables

An eCommerce website that facilities the sale and ordering process for photo frames
A clean, minimalist, sophisticated design
The ability to support Apple Pay and Google Pay
A Minimalist Home Page
We were tasked with keeping the website's design to be minimalist, sophisticated, yet easy to use.
Supports Over 20,000 Products
Our high-powered servers support over 20,000 products and thousands of users.
Searching Functionality
We were asked to add a search feature to the website so that visitors could quickly find the products that interest them.
Ajax Cart
We implemented an interactive popout cart as part of the site's sophisticated design.
Displaying Information Clearly
We opted to use a minimalist white background, and each section that requires lengthy text was complemented with an engaging image.
An Account Section
The website features a secure gateway for customers to create their own accounts, monitor their orders, and edit their details.
A Simple Structure
Minimalism was the key theme for this website's design. The 'About Us' page shows a clear body of text alongside vivid imagery.
A Clean Footer
The footer of any website is becoming increasingly important for helping users navigate the website. We also included an option to subscribe to the newsletter, and links to The Photo Frame Factory's social media handles.

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