Remarkable (Investors In People)

Building an end-to-end sales funnel for one of Scotland’s most respected training and accreditation providers.

Project Overview

We were approached by Remarkable in the Spring of 2022 and tasked with building a bespoke end-to-end sales funnel for one of their flagship training programmes; Intent-Based Leadership, or IBL for short. Remarkable Ltd is licensed to deliver the highly-regarded Investors In People accreditation to companies across Scotland. Their Intent-Based Leadership training courses aim to empower employees at all levels of an organisation to take autonomy for their own work, improve their productivity, and increase overall staff morale. Our work with Remarkable Ltd included building a sales funnel that incorporated data analytics, landing page development, and email/SMS automation, with the ultimate goal of selling 8 tickets to the training course priced at £2,000 each.
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Lead Magnets That Convert
People have short attention spans. That's why using engaging imagery, a clear headline, and a bullet-pointed list are essential for communicating the value proposition to the visitor. Additionally, having a clear call to action is crucial. In today's age, it's also important that you remind your visitors that their data is in safe hands.
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Telling A Story
When selling training courses that are valued at over £2,000 per ticket, it's considered best practice to include a background story on how the training course was developed and how it differs from other courses on the market. Chalkboard created all of the landing page's copy from scratch.
Screenshot 2022-07-09 19.14.21
Maintaining Engagement
Single-page websites often contain large bodies of text. To keep our visitors engaged, we used relevant quotations throughout the landing page to break up the text and encourage prospects to keep on reading.
Screenshot 2022-07-09 19.14.41
Relevant Case Studies
It's important to have your target audience read testimonials from people who share similar needs. This further enhances the trust that the visitor will have with your brand.
Screenshot 2022-07-09 19.15.52
A Perfectly Timed Popup
Once the user has gotten familiar with the value proposition, the website will trigger a popup when the user scrolls 60% of the way down the webpage. This is a guaranteed way to increase conversions, as the user is forced to make a decision on whether or not to sign up for the free training.
Screenshot 2022-07-09 19.15.46
Before You Go...
If the visitor moves their mouse towards the close tab button on their browser, another popup will appear giving them a final chance to submit their details and enter the sales funnel. Visit the website on a desktop device and try it for yourself; this simple trick is an incredible way to increase your website's conversion ratio.
Screenshot 2022-07-09 19.20.45
Simple Form Submissions
After a user completes the initial lead magnet form, they are prompted to provide more information. Statistically, after a visitor submits a form, they are significantly more likely to submit a follow-up form so long as it's simple and easy to complete.
Screenshot 2022-07-09 19.20.55
A Personalised Thank You Page
Now that the user has submitted the form, they are greeted with a personalised thank you page. At this point, their data is entered into an email/SMS automation system, and a CRM such as Hubspot.

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